The smart hardware distributor in Europe

TZGIoT is a leading provider and distributor of innovative hardware solutions developed by leading tech companies and start-ups. TZGIoT is founded on the principle that innovative hardware can drive innovation in all types of companies, increasing revenues, improving efficiency and supporting new business models linked to the sharing economy.

Companies in sectors such as real estate, hotels, short-term and vacation rentals, universities, transportation and car parking management use TZGIoT’s portfolio products to increase their revenues and reduce operational costs. 

With offices in China, Europe and the US, TZGIoT works closely with companies and entrepreneurs worldwide.

What we do

We believe that companies often overlook the potential of new and innovative hardware solutions. At TZGIoT we think that innovative hardware can drive innovation in all types of companies.

Our company is founded on this principles: provide hardware solutions that can shape innovation. To achieve this, we have brought together a multidisciplinary team that includes entrepreneurs, engineers and former senior corporate managers from the US, Europe and China that aims at helping companies and innovative hardware companies to work together.

For corporates

High-impact products

We work with leading international entrepreneurs, engineers, and university professors to identify and select the best products

International footprint

With offices in the world’s three largest markets, we have a deep understanding of technology trends and strong access to the best technology companies

Tailor-made solutions

TZGIoT identifies and provides products that respond to a specific demand of our clients

For tech companies and start-ups

Access to new markets

We leverage our strong network of corporate partners to develop the international market for our portfolio companies

Local expertise

We understand the product needs of each market and support start-ups and tech companies in their internationlisation process

Beyond product distribution

In addition to product distribution, we advise start-ups on new business models around the product and also support their growth by seeking capital from local investors

TZGIoT – A TZG Partners’ company


TZG Partners is a Shanghai-based firm that builds and invests in high-growth businesses. The firm focuses on early stage companies in China and has private equity, investment banking, management, and new business start-up capabilities.

TZG is unique in that it considers the social and environmental impact of its choices, leveraging its market knowledge, strategic thinking, and creativity to grow a portfolio of sustainable and responsible businesses.

TZG Partners and TZGIoT are founded by a group of Stanford University alumni with a strong and succesful track-record and expertise in founding start-ups, venture capital, international business and senior corporate management.


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