Smart Parking System – DDTC



DDTC is a smart parking solution that consists on a mobile phone-activated parking space protector that allows for an efficient management of parking spaces.

Parking lot management companies, property owners, public facilities, building owners use DDTC to:

• Maximize the utility of limited parking spaces;

• Reduce the management cost regarding human monitoring and management of parking spaces;

• Gain an additional source of income by leasing private parking spaces to multiple users during spare time;

• Avoid non-authorised parking;

• Be provided with a comprehensive hardware and software solution that requires very limited installation and operational costs.

What DDTC’s Smart Parking System provides

• A solution to efficiently manage a parking space among different users without the need of human monitoring;
• A parking space protector that is controlled by the mobile phone with less than one second response time via Bluetooth;
• A free and easy-to-use parking space management app that support real-time access logs.


• A leading provider of technology solutions for parking management;
• The solution is already installed in over 4,000 parking spaces, with a focus on the largest Chinese cities;
• The team consists of engineers that have a strong track-record developing hardware solutions;
• DDTC have received government approval and orders in installing product in public parking spaces;
• DDTC’s hardware and software design ensures the best customer experience with response time less than one second;

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