Access control solutions by Ling

Ling is a leading manufacturer of access control solutions operated via the mobile phone.

Companies such as real estate property managers, companies’ headquarters, private security companies, hotels, universities, gyms, government buildings and parking operators are using Ling to:

  • Provide a phone app-based solution to access a building;
  • Offer the most secure and convenient access to tenants and guests;
  • Remove the cost of purchasing IC cards or keys;
  • Eliminate security breaches caused by traditional access systems, such as lost IC card and keys;
  • Improve the experience of buildings’ guests, reducing queueing times and improving the registration process;
  • Process and manage data efficiently to provide other products and services through seamless connectivity with other apps and systems.


  • Ling provides a versatile and customizable access control solution based on the mobile-phone;
  • Ling works via QR code, Bluetooth and mobile phone “shaking” to respond to users’ preferences and different applications. Ling’s versatility allows it to be installed in building entrances, elevators, parking gates, etc.
  • Its modular software design and a full set of APIs allows for direct app and software integration including its integration in broader-functionality apps (e.g. company app that among its functionality wants to offer a QR-code access code to occupants) and connectivity with other systems such as mobile payment, data management and back-office systems.

How it works

Why Ling

Ling is a highly innovative solution that can have a large impact on improving customer experience, increasing revenues and reduce operational costs of companies; in particular, Ling:

  • Is one of the very few providers of QR-code technology for access control; technology research has confirmed that QR-codes improve customer experience and security in relation to other technologies;
  • Is led by Huawei’s former R&D senior managers and has been granted over 25 patents in relation to access control hardware and software;
  • Offers the fastest response rate currently available in the market, with less than 1 second and 100% accurate authority identification;
  • Does not require replacement of the access device; the hardware serves as an upgrade of the current building gate and installation time is 10 minutes;
  • Is an integrated solution with software support including cloud data management in Europe;
  • Provides a modular design that allows to customize the solution to different application;
  • Offers an access function that covers all smart phones in the market.

Has experienced 0% back-office breakdown rate and less than 3% malfunction rate in more more than 2,000 use-cases.

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